How good is Kandy SC Forwards?

As Consecutive domestic league title holders for 6 times since 2013 Kandy SC is a team with a squad who has a blueprint of a top tier 1  side, Team which plays free-flowing rugby, A good 10-12 Combination, 2 A-class scrum-halfs who can bring 2 kinds of tempos to the game, Power carriers even who can carry past the try line to deadline bursting opposition tackles (Buwaneka Udangamuda vs CH and FC ).

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So, what is so good about Kandy SC power carries or how good is Kandy SC forwards in general phase play? This is an analysis on (Attack General play) how good Kandy SC forward in general phase play and what is so good about them?

(based on 5 matches)

Maintaining a Solid Number

  • Kandy SC was the team to end the season 2019/2020 with the highest gain-line success of 79% Such that Kandy SC forwards managed to be the most successful forward pack in 2019/20 domestic league as they hit past 77% of Gain line success bisecting league team average gain-line success of 58%.
  • Kandy SC forwards was able to make 138 carries with the ball and out of those 138 carries Forwards carried the ball 106 times and only failing in 32 times.
  • In this domestic rugby league team average, positive carries by forward were at 16 carries per match but Kandy SC forwards managed 21 positive carries per game averagely making 5 more forwards carries past the gain line per match  passing the rest of the league and also Kandy SC forwards scored at 75 % of the gain-line success of forward carries per game and league’s average gain-line success of forwards were at 56 %

In a pre-season Interview Kandy SC head coach Fazil marija mentioned 2019/20 league is more about Kandy forwards and he also mentioned that Kandy SC hope this pack will produce good and quick ball for the backs. At the end of the season making Head coach’s statement a correct and an accurate one Kandy SC forwards produced 76% of quick ruck (89 Ruck s 1-3 seconds )

After above 2 scenarios Kandy SC was like a old School side with Jonah Lomu playing for them, But It was Simple rugby Keep hitting gain line and producing quick ball, they achieved it way past the league  average number.

A Reversed Pod of Forwards ; A Forward Drifter

After Allister Coetzee taking over Spring Boks team after 2015 Rugby world cup he was one for the pioneers who introduced 1-3-3-1 Formation of forward and he implement a tringle shape to provide scrum with at least 4 or 5 options in each 3 forward pod. After watching Coetzee’s Boks team lot of test teams adapted this tringle or diamond shape in 1-3-3-1 system.

But this structure’ s one of main weakness was it was kind of predictable who the power carrier is? And it was predictable for modern defense systems to use double tackles (Gang tackle) to hit power carrier behind the gain line like England’s defense doing it with  4 man blitz defense.

So drag down the predictability of ball carrier pod into a low number and to create both space and an extra angle for ball carrier Kandy SC used a reversed pod triangle making a forward a secondary ball distributor in the flow.

Kandy SC used this drifter Forward pod 17% from their total carries and they were able to mark a significant result as Kandy Forwards almost hit past the gain line with 80 % of gain-line success.

Kandy SC used this drifter Forward pod 17% from their total carries and they were able to mark a significant result as Kandy Forwards almost hit past the gain line with 80 % of gain-line success.

Reversed worked !

Basic ; Worked

No rocket science to understand this rugby strategy. When you have good forwards who can carry the ball past gain line and beat 2 tackles at a single time best way to utilize them is using those forward power carriers in midfield and suck the wide defense and create an overlap for wingers in wide channels.

So Kandy SC did it! They used forward ball carries 79 % in midfield. They carried 3 carries out of 4 carries in midfield and created 11 complete overlaps and out those 11 overlaps 6 overlap runs by wingers converted to a try.

Games ;

CH and FC vs Kandy SC

Havelock SC vs Kandy SC

Kandy SC vs CH and FC

Kandy SC vs Havelock SC

Kandy SC vs Police SC

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Dartfish 360s

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Microsoft excel 2019

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