UEFA Champions League 2020/21 final match, Key moments, key player stats, and analyzing report

Last night Chelsea beat Manchester city 1-0 and crowned the 2020/21 champions league trophy. This article is about how Chelsea did their tactics to beat Manchester city.

Chelsea started with a 5-2-3 formation. Thomas Tuchel tried to do with the high back line. 3 Center backs and 2 high-speed full backs. Thiago Silva, Antonio Rudigar, Cesar Azpilicuita played center back roles. Ben Chilwell and Reece James played left and right-back positions.

The most important thing was N’Golo Kante. He played Chelsea’s heart role again in the big game. Sometimes Kante played the DM role and sometimes he played the CM role. In the counter-attacking times, he played a playmaker role. Look last night N’Golo Kante’s stats,

Touches – 53

Accurate passes – 29 (85.3%)

Key Passes – 1

Long balls – 1

Shots – 1

Successful Dribbles – 2

Ground duels won – 7

Aerial duels won – 4

Tackles – 3

Interceptions – 1

He won the man of the match award too. Look at his stats. He won many ground duels and aerial duels. That’s why last night Manchester city’s midfield was dead! He covered Kevin De Bruyne, Gungugon and Bernardo silva all alone. What a key performance for Chelsea. And also he completed one shot and one key pass. That’s what he does in the counter attacks.

The next big thing was Chelsea’s left and right backs. Look at their stats,

Ben Chilwell (Left back)

Touches – 55

Accurate passes – (65.6%)

Key passes – 1

Ground duels won – 3

Arial duels won – 2

Tackles – 2

Interceptions – 1

Reece James (Right back)

Touches – 80

Accurate Passes – 36 (83.7%)

Key passes – 1

Ground duels won – 10

Tackles – 7

Chelsea’s full-backs did an excellent job. Both completed 9 tackles and 13 ground duels win. Especially look at Recce James stats. He did a very discipline and clean defensive record. Both get their fast legs for that. So the whole match Reece James and Chilwell stopped Sterling and Maharez well. Stats are showing that fact!

Thiago Silva / Cesar Azpilicuita / Antonio Rudigar / Andress Christensen

After 39 minutes, Thiago Silva injured. Replaced by Christensen. These four center backs completed,

Tackles – 2

Clearances – 11

Interceptions – 3

Shot blocked – 3

Look at this defensive stat. Four center backs combined and completed 2 tackles. But still, they had a clean sheet. So again look at Reece James and Chilwell. They completed 9 tackles. And Kante completed 3 tackles. Now,

4 Center backs – 2 tackles

2 full backs and Kante – 12 tackles

From the stats, we can understand last night Kante and Chelsea’s full-backs are done their homework.

Unfortunately, Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola didn’t see that. He started the game with no DM. He benched Rodri and Fernandinho. Also, Pep tried to break Chelsea’s defense with his two wingers. Maharez and Sterling couldn’t have done that. Because Recce James and Chilwell stopped them.

Pep had position but Tuchel had his game. After 64th-minute Pep called Fernandinho. At the moment game momentum went Chelsea’s way. Kante and two fullbacks were doing their hard work at the moment. Also, De Bruyne was injured.

Stats are showing you how Tuchel’s full-backs and Kante stopped Manchester City’s attack. Creeda sports network will bring you this kind of analytic report again. Stay with us.

Featured image – AlJazeera

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