What can we expect from ‘SHEWKET LAHIR’ in a Kandy SC outfit?

Shewket Lahir the light grey scrum capped former Havelock SC Open side flanker was a very handy and promising stakeholder in the Last years’ Dialog rugby league (2019) season. He was scouted by the league giant Kandy SC and picked this young Back-Rower to play along Tharindu Chathuranga, Jason Dissanayake and Buwaneka Udangamuwa to strengthen the Kandy SC Back Row regime.

So what can we expect from Lahir in a Kandy SC outfit? What will Kandy use him for?

Will Kandy SC management be comfortable with building a second generation back rower department around Shewket Lahir?

We took a closer breakdown of Lahir, by analyzing his both away and home games versus league champion Kandy SC and League Runner up Police SC and nearly answered

Promising 2019; Scouted

This is the All-in Graph of Shewket Lahir’s performance In above mentioned 4 games. When it comes to Attack or offence Lahir was able to maintain an 81% gain-line success with his ball carries in those 4 games. What brings him this level of success was that his ability to break tackles.

Tackle break is known or happens when a Rugby ball carrier (Attacker) intentionally avoiding to be tackled. An attacker may use hand off, Upper body shake, or good leg drive to avoid tackled or to break a tackle. 

Significantly his tackle break per carrying close to 1 to 2 tackle breaks per carrying. In case he is breaking the initial tackle and attack the space left behind by that initial tackler.  Also, we must discuss he was one of the regular try scorers for Havelock SC in 2019. Lahir scored 5 tries in 4 home and away game versus the champion side and the runner upside.

What if I say Lahir is a 100% defender? 

If I could able to track him with GPS Tracking data, I am pretty much sure that he is not the fastest and has no big pumping lungs like a Tier 01 open side flanker. The case is even when his work rate is at a small number he completes that small number by 100%. After 4 games with the top 2 sides, he ended up completing all the tackle he made in 2 games. And just take a look at the jackal stats. What do you reckon ?

Is he in the Kandy SC level?

This is a comparison between Kandy SC forwards and Shewket Lahir by averaging the number of ball carries (attacks). What surprised me here was that highlighted row of average negative ball carries of Lahir and by an Average Kandy SC forward.

When Lahir was in Havelock SC he wasn’t carrying the ball as hard as a Kandy forward. But he was able to hit Gain line more times than a Kandy forward. Averagely Kandy forward misses the gain line for 25 % of their carries. And Lahir was missing the gain line 21 % of his carries. What does the numbers say? Indeed, Lahir is a Kandy level player.

When it comes to defense I would like to discuss this table :

This is where Lahir gets bit blinky for me. As he has not win any of his turnovers by tackling over the ball carrier. He tends to win possession turnovers in general play and set piece play in these 4 games.

This is a coach debate meeting topic when it comes to player transfer. I would just mention that either Fazil marija will make him jackle like Tharindu Chathuranga to turn possession over or use him to bully opposition breakdowns. I prefer his breakdown bullies more than his jackles.

Featured Image Source – Stats.lk

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Dartfish 360s

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Microsoft excel 2019

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