What happened to CH & FC?

At the beginning of the season, 2019/20 CH and FC looked like a top table side but eventually, CH and FC didn’t manage to play at their potential best and ended up being the 7th place in League with 3 wins and 9 losses.  

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So what actually happened to CH and FC? After analyzing basic defensive strategies of CH and FC and after breaking them into simple numbers it came down a simple conclusion.

In Summary, CH and FC using Blitz defense as their basic defensive pattern in both aggressive (45 Times) and moderate (35 Times ) line speeds  And also they used both Single man driven and group-driven line speed to execute their Basic defensive pattern in midfield channels.

With using of Blitz defense they also used to compete and commit players to opposition rucks ( 64% of Opposition breakdowns) Hence They used Blitz and commit players to opposition breakdowns they were outnumbered in wide channels theoretically and in all possible practical ways and to recover they tend to use drift defensive  (18 times in wide channels)  patterns in Wide channels. 

Actually the purpose of using Blitz defense or an aggressive line speed in Cut down oppositions space and options. But in This scenario, CH and Fc didn’t manage to achieve either of their defensive purposes.

Case 1

According to numbers CH has used single man driven aggressive line speed 23 times and group driven aggressive line speed 22 times, single man driven moderate line speed in 5 times and group driven moderate line speed 31 times.

But the actual case is when they used single man driven aggressive line speed they missed the initial tackle 8 times and those 8 initial missed tackles were ended up in 7 line breaks, Also when they used group driven aggressive line speed CH missed 3 initial tackles and just 1 line break conceded. 

Conclusion Case 1

CH has to correct the initial tackle completion rate and CH and FC are the team with the lowest assist tackle rate. We only produce numbers its up to coaches to decide in which way they are going to increase the initial tackle completion rate and if initial tackle missed what is the approach to increase the successful assist tackle rate or successful cover (Secondary tackle rate) tackle rate.

The basic conclusion is CH’s Line speed is not covering the purposes of blitz defense.

Case 2

CH and FC tend to compete and commit players in 64% of opposition rucks. So as I mentioned early they were numbers short in wide channels and when opposition shift to wide channels there were acres of space to wingers to do their magic with dancing feet.

Wingers even could have organized a stepping party in CH’s Defensive wide channels According to numbers CH and FC conceded 5 line breaks in wide channels. 

Conclusion Case 02

CH uses their scrum-half right back of the opposition breakdown to cover the space of natural weakness of a rugby defensive pattern. But when they were numbers short in wide channels they still keep their 9 in the breakdown pocket.

What is the exact tactic? CH could have used 9 as a plug defender which means when they are short in numbers 9 is plug to the defensive line.

Plugging 9 is used in a modern defensive pattern, not as the edge of the defensive line. OR CH could have used 9 in edge in the defensive line and make him shoot out from the line and cover wingers ball distributors space and put him in pressure.

Case 3

group driven moderate line speed was working for them yet what is the purpose of using open side flanker driven aggressive line speed?

Conclusion Case 3

Up to you folks !

Data was generated from ;

CH and FC vs air force (H)

CH and FC vs Police (H)

CH and FC vs Kandy sc (H)

Kandy sc vs CH and FC (A)

Software used for video analysis ; Dartfish 360s

Data managed and analyzed by ; Microsoft Excel 2019

Match footages ; Youtube/Thepapare.com

Featured Image Source – Daily News

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